2 on 1 Double
The attacking wrestler controls a 2 on 1, gaining control at the wrist and elbow. He pulls the tieup tight to his chest waiting for a reaction from his opponent. The defender tries to circle out of the tieup, but the attacker maintains control.
The defender posts on his opponent's head in an attempt to free his arm. Notice the hand position on the 2 on 1. With defender reaching, the attacker splits the opponent's stance with his lead leg. The attacker elevates the 2 on 1 into the outstretched free hand of the defender, while changing levels for his shot.
The 2 on 1 is jammed into the fee arm, giving the attacker room to shoot to the far side. He changes levels as he penetrates. Once the opponent hits the mat the attacker must move to pin position.
The attacker nails a head outside shot. He wraps the opponent's legs and continues to work for the score. The attacker covers the opponent for the takedown.
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