Forearm Hook Arm Spin
The attacker on the left controls his opponent's arm using a forearm hook. To start the attack the wrestler uses a backstep while reaching across with his right arm. A backstep gets the attacker's hips through the opponent's stance quickly.
The backstep's rotation carries the attacker down to his knees. Notice that the attacker has a strong grip on the opponent's controlled arm with both of his arms. Once the attacker has spun down to his knees, he will bow though the move to continue the throw.
As the attacker bows to the mat, the defender will be pulled over the top of the attacker. Notice how the attacker disappears under the defender. The attacker pulls his opponent's shoulder down to the mat.
The momentum of the toss takes the opponent to his back. Control the arm and look for backpoints. Here the attacker brings his inside arm across his opponent's chest. The attacker locks in the hold and gets the count for nearfall.
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