Lincoln McIlravy Arm Drag
Lincoln McIlravy releases his inside elbow control on the left side. Here, McIlravy gains wrist control by using his right arm. He takes the controlled arm down and across his body.  
Here McIlravy sets his left foot to the outside of his opponent's stance. The speed of this takedown was awesome, he did not hold the tieup for very long. McIlravy penetrates deeply through the center of his opponent's stance, much like a jab step in the sport of fencing.  
McIlravy continues to pull the arm down and across his body as he changes his level all the way down to a seated position. Notice how McIlravy's penetration resembles a slide into second base or the hurdler's stretch position. As soon as McIlravy passes by the elbow he quickly turns and goes behind for two points.  
Don't stay on your seat rotate up quickly for the go-behind takedown. This takedown by McIlravy was hit in the NCAA Finals in overtime to win his third National Title. Lincoln McIlravy is one of the best takedown wrestler's America has ever seen. To learn more of the techniques that have made McIlravy great purchase McIlravy's Medal Series videotapes on Drags and Duckunders through the merchandise section of You won't be disappointed!  

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