Fireman's Carry
Th attacker controls an overhook at his opponent's elbow. Here the attacker clears his right arm through and does a double knee drop level change. Notice that this fireman's carry does not require a deep penetration step; rather the pull of the elbow control brings the defender over the attacker's shoulders.
The attacker shoots his right arm through the center of the opponent's stance. The defender is pulled down to the attacker's shoulders using the elbow control. The rotation for a fireman's carry takes the defender across the shoulders of the shooter.
Notice that the shoulder finishes the shot strong and does not roll to his side or lower his left shoulder. The attacker dumps the defender off his shoulder forward, exposing the defender's back.  
  The fireman's carry can be a hold which traps an opponent on his back. To do this you must finish chest to chest quickly and keep control of the elbow. Here, back points were missed because the attacker did not finish chest to chest.
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