Hi-C to a Double
The red wrestler counters the defender's attempt at controlling a front headlock by shooting a hi-c to the far side. He rotates under the far arm and shoots to the far leg. He wraps the far leg and prevents an effective sprawl by staying in good position---Head up! Back straight!
Initially the attacker attempts to crack the defender to a hip----but the defender's strength prevents that finish. While maintaining the wrap of the leg, the attacker refocuses on a good position. Notice how he has become extended. He begins to lean and look across the defender's back while pulling in the near leg.
He lifts and elevates the defender, the opponent's weight is supported on the far shoulder. Here, he has regained a good takedown position---Head up! Back Straight! He steps up with his outside leg, trying to raise his level backthrough the defender.
He flairs the lift to a double leg finish. Often a defender will attempt to limp-leg away. Be prepared to chase ankles. Cover for the takedown!
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