The blue wrestler controls the opponent's left tricep.

He attempts a single, but is blocked. Immediately, he moves into his short-offense.

After missing the shot, the attacker pulls down hard on the tricep.

The attacker needs to trap the opponent's shoulder to the mat as he pulls down on the tricep.

Notice how the attacker brings his legs underneath him to begin running his feet in a circle.

While he pulls down on the arm and runs his feet, he then reaches under the opponent's opposite arm.

The punch up with the free-arm gives additional momentum.

Look at the tight control of the opponent's tricep, and the high reach of the free arm.

With the opponent off-balanced the attacker can take the go-behind or even near-fall points.

Pay attention to the driving feet of the attacker.

If the defender does not belly down, look to catch him on his back.

A kelly is an excellent short-offense move to go to after a missed shot.
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