Leg Counter (Inside Spin)
From a standing position the top man put in a leg ride. The bottom man immediately gets hand control. The top man works to control the far arm of the down man.
As he reaches for the arm, the bottom man aggressively spins to his opponent's hips. Here hand control is less important. Rather, aggressively turning to the hips is the goal. The top man falls to the mat as the bottom man continues to spin.
The two hit the mat together, but the leg ride is no longer a factor. At this point the top man is riding high with no leg in. With a scramble created the bottom man short sits and begins to hip-heist.
He battles to get behind, briefly appearing to be in danger. Hip-heisting hard he gains control of the top-man's near leg. From there, the bottom man gets the reversal by successfully winning a scramble off an inside-spin.
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