Out for One
In collegiate wrestling, often the opponent is most open for a takedown directly aftern an earned escape Here the bottom wrestler begins to cut through after attacking the opponent's lock. As he pivots, back into his opponent he is already lowering his level, readying himself for a shot.
Notice how is lead leg is in good position to penetrate and shoot once the escape is earned. Turning to face an opponent, and being ready to shoot off of the escape is an important skill to practice. Avoid wasted motion. Immediately as the escape is earned, the bottom wrestler, attacks an open double-leg.
Because the top man relaxed, there was little need to set-up his shot. Notice also that the shooter did not drop to a knee; rather, he penetrated deeply by driving through his opponent. He finishes the double quickly by dropping his opponent's weight off of his shoulder.
By finishing tightly around the body of the defender, he is able to score back points. Look to score the fall. The skill of shooting off of an escape is an important technique to drill.
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