After a missed takedown attempt the shooter will find his head trapped under an opponent. The shooter must repenetrate and get past the defenders arms and his sprawled out legs. Here the attacker on the right posts his left hand to the mat, in an attempt to get bigger.
With his head still trapped, he tripods up trying to shorten the length of his extended body. The shooter begins the motion of the peekout by throwing his right elbow back. (obscured from view.) The throw of the elbow back allows the opponent to clear his head to the side. At the same time he cross-steps to the right side.
The left hand remains posted to the mat, as the shooter repenetrates into his opponent.   Notice how the shooter's head comes through to the right side.
Once his head is cleared, the shooter can reattack the legs of his opponent. Once you repenetrate make sure you get your feet moving. Finish the takedown just like a second shot double leg.
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