Single Leg 'Run the Pipe'
Here the attacking wrestler fights through his opponent's hands. The attacker outside steps, keeping his head up and making hard contact with his forehead to the ribs. The attacker locks on his opponent's leg in a high level single above the knee.
The shooter works to maintain strong position by keeping his hips under him and his head up. An overlooked but important detail in a single leg is the importance of the proper lock on the leg. In this example, the shooter's left arm should have his palm down towards the mat with his right hand clasping palm up. This is the strongest lock for a single and forces the defender to sprawl into the shooter's grip.
To finish the takedown the shooter runs the pipe. By circling backwards the shooter forces the opponent to hop backwards. At the same time that the shooter is circling backwards with the leg he is bowing down wiht his chest.
The bow down creates chest pressure which forces the defender to the mat. To secure the takedown the shooter gather up the far leg. A good single leg attack is effective provided that the shooter knows several finishes, such as the ability to 'Run the Pipe' effectively.
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