The defender counters the single leg attempt, by sprawling and blocking the head to the inside of his body. As the shooter steps up to finish the single, the defender reaches over with both hands and catches the far leg at the knee. The defender while catching the far leg, jumps into the attacker's stance, creating a pivot point. Notice that the attacker's head is trapped tightly to his body.
The defender pivots and throws the shooter to his hip, while pulling in on the far leg. At the same time the defender steps his leg between the shooter's legs to hook the near leg with his own. When they hit the mat the shooter should land on his hip. His near leg should be hooked; his head should still be trapped; and his far leg should be controlled by the defender's arms. With the points controlled, the defender begins to drive off of his free leg, trying to expose the shoulders. He should be pulling in the legs to bundle the head towards the legs.
With the continual hop and push off of the far leg control will be gained. Keep pulling in the legs and pushing the opponent to his back. Keep pulling in the legs and pushing the opponent to his back.
When control is gained, pressure can be increased by taking the free leg and stepping it throug (as seen in this example.) Or, the spladal can be made tighter by figure fouring your own legs. Notice how tightly the opponent is bundled. The control and the pin is established at virtually the same moment.
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