Kerry McCoy, in red, controls an underhook on his left side.

McCoy elevates the underhook and as his opponent reacts by putting weight on it, he starts his throw-by.

McCoy's opponent reaches for McCoy's right shoulder.

As more of his opponents' weight shifts to the underhook side, McCoy brings up his free arm.

Using his forearm of his free arm, McCoys throw the arm by with a shuck.

To get the feel of this motion, a wrestler must be comfortable with the feeling of leaning back, part of the basic skill of a back step.

McCoy doesn't stay still, and hustles for the go-behind score.

Throw-bys can be hit from many different positions and setups.

Most often a throw-by is scored off of an oppoenent's head-tie.

Throw-bys were a big part of Kerry McCoy's offense.
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