The wrestler in red counters a shot by sprawling and stuffing the opponent's head down. As the wrestler in blue gives up on his shot, the red wrestler continues to control the opponent's head. The red wrestler locks on the opponent's chin and underhooks on the near side.
The red wrestler tightens his lock on the opponent's head and begins to rotate the underhook to the far shoulder. As the wrestler pivots on his right foot, he drives his near hip in to off-balance his opponent. He squeezes tightly on the front headlock and aggressively rotates to the far shoulder.
He chops his feet and drives towards the far shoulder while controlling the chin and underhook on his opponent. Notice how he continues to pull the head up and to his chest forcing the opponent on to his far shoulder. He drives the defender to his back, and gets to pin position.
Here you can see that the top man still has the lock on the defender's chin. Notice the wide base of the top man, don't get too high. Get the pin!
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