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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

WCWA Women's College Preseason individual rankings

Date Ranked:10/02/2012
Ranked By

101 pounds
1. Emily Webster, So., Oklahoma City
2. Opelia Felipe, Sr., Cumberlands
3. Shannon Constantine, Jr., King
4. Brianna Rahall, Jr., Oklahoma City
5. Megan Chun, So., Pacific
6. Jenny Garza, Sr., Lindenwood
7. Deyonne Sedillos, So., Oklahoma City
8. Desiree Ramos, So., Lindenwood
9. Marina Sanchez, Fr., King
10. Dalina Vuong, Fr., MVC

109 pounds
1. Victoria Anthony, Jr., Simon Fraser
2. Emily Martin, Sr., King
3. Kristi Garr, Jr., Oklahoma City
4. India Walker, Sr., Lindenwood
5. Michelle Jimenez, Jr,, Menlo
6. Jessica Fresh, So., Waldrof
7. Caitlyn Chase, Sr., Missouri Baptist
8. Sherylyn Sabato, Sr., Menlo
9. Amy Fearnside, Fr., Midland
10. Quinn Nagatani, Fr., Midland

116 pounds
1. Joey Miller, Sr., Oklahoma City
2. Kalin Knight-Alvarez, So., Menlo
3. Samantha Klingel, So., King
4. Kayla Bartosch, Jr., King
5. Victoria Nguyen, Jr., King
6. Sherri Berube, So., Cumberlands
7. Jacarra Winchester, Jr., MVC
8. Michelle Canete, Sr., Jamestown
9. Shelby Morrison, Fr., Oklahoma City
10. Logan Rich, Sr., Oklahoma City

123 pounds
1. Sara Hildebrandt, So., King
2. Laura Wilson, Sr., Simon Fraser
3. Courtney Kinimaka, Sr., Lindenwood
4. Stacy Martin, Jr., King
5. Jessica Behren, So., Wayland Baptist
6. Rachael McFarland, Fr., Oklahoma City
7. Katlyn Eddie, Fr., Oklahoma City
8. Summer Werner, Fr., Midland
9. Kayla Brendlinger, So., King
10. Brittany Faust, Jr., MVC

130 pounds
1. Shauna Isbell, Sr., Lindenwood
2. Audrey Morehouse, Sr., Oklahoma City
3. Kat Perez, Jr., King
4. Breanna Delgado, So., Oklahoma City
5. Laura Gordon, Sr., Simon Fraser
6. Brazel Marques, So., Menlo
7. Roni Goodale, So., Waldorf
8. Liza Gutierrez, Sr., Cumberlands
9. Cianah Hee, Sr., Cumberlands
10. Randi Beltz, Jr., MVC

136 pounds
1. Krista Revelle, So., King
2. Stephanie Geltmacher, Jr., Oklahoma City
3. Danielle Curtis, Sr., MVC
4. Rachael Shannon, Jr., Lindenwood
5. Kerstin Harmon, Jr., Cumberlands
6. Bailey Halvorson, Jr., Simon Fraser
7. Shanice Vernon-Jackson, So., Wayland Baptist
8. Beatrize Martinez, Jr., Oklahoma City
9. Monica Ramirez, Fr., Lindenwood
10. Stephanie Mix, Fr., Cumberlands

143 pounds
1. Danielle Lappage, Sr., Simon Fraser
2. Alli Regan, Jr., King
3. Tanya Kusse, Jr., Lindenwood
4. Tamyra Mensah, So., Wayland Baptist
5. Crystal Borrow, So, Lindenwood
6. Frances Efiong, Sr., Missouri Valley
7. Sidney Morrison, Sr., Simon Fraser
8. Allysoon Blessman, Jr., Cumberlands
9. April Ritts, So., Waldorf
10. Kayla Aggio, Fr., Oklahoma City

155 pounds
1. Sydney Nelson, Sr., Cumberlands
2. Brittney Roberts , Sr., Oklahoma City
3. Julia Salata, So., King
4. Brittany David, Jr., Lindenwood
5. Demi Strub, So., Oklahoma City
6. Jenna McLatchy, Jr., Simon Fraser
7. Valerie Rosales, So., Wayland Baptist
8. Jordan Hagerman, Sr., Missouri Valley
9. Claire Lawson, So., Waldorf
10. Lori Ramos, So., King

170 pounds
1. Justina Distassio, Jr., Simon Fraser
2. Kendra Lewis, Sr., Lindenwood
3. Leya-Justi Luaflemana, Jr., NW Kansas Tech
4. Heather O'Connor, So., Oklahoma City
5. Rebecca Mattes, So., King
6. Brittany Jones, Jr., MVC
7. Kayla Volin, Jr., Jamestown
8. Juliana Tripilett, Fr, Missouri Baptist
9. Darcie Manning-O'Brien, Fr., Missouri Baptist
10. Victoria Francis, Fr., Lindenwood

191 pounds
1. Miriam Moreno, So., Wayland Baptist
2. Angela Vvborny, Jr., Wayland Baptist
3. Amber Floyd, Sr., King
4. Chelse Fleming, Sr., Jamestown
5. Katy Yoder, Sr., Cumberlands
6. Malexus McAdoo, Fr., King
7. Sanoe Spencer, Fr., Oklahoma City
8. Ruth Ledger, Jr., Lindenwood
9. Indya Stevens, So., Lindenwood
10. Rebecca Perales, So., Lindenwood

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