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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

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NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

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FILA World Women's Freestyle Rankings - May 2013

Date Ranked:05/19/2013
Ranked By FILA

48 kg/105.5 lbs.
1. Valeria CHEPSARAKOVA Russia (Europe No.1, Yarygin GP No.1, Klippan No.1)
2. Alyssa LAMPE United States (International Ukrainian No.1)
3. Elena VOSTRIKOVA Russia (Yarygin GP No.2, Int'l Ukrainian No. 2)
4. Yana STADNIK Britain (Europe No.2)
5. PAK Yong-Mi DPR Korea (Asia No.1)
6. VU Thi Hang Vietnam (Asia No.2)
7. Patimat BAGOMEDOVA Azerbaidjan (Europe No. 3, Dan Kolov No.1)
8. Mikhniso NURMATOVA Kyrgyzstan (Asia No. 3, Klippan No.2)
9. Maroi MEZIEN Tunisia (Africa No.1)
10. Vanesa KALADZINSKAYA Belarus (Yarygin GP No.5, Dan Kolov No.3)

51 kg/112.25 lbs.
1. Jessica MacDONALD Canada (Pan America No. 1, World Cup No.1)
2. Tatyana AMANZHOL-BAKATYUK Kazakhstan (Asia No.1, Yarygin GP No.1)
3. Yu MIYAHARA Japan (Europe No.3, Yarygin GP No.2, Klippan No.2)
4. Ekaterina KRASNOVA Russia (Europe No.3, Yarygin GP No.2, Klippan No.2)
5. Roksana ZASINA Poland (European No.1, Int'l Ukrainian No.3)
6. LIU Haiping China (Asia No.2)
7. SO Sim-Hyang DPR Korea (Asia No.3)
8. Estera DOBRE Romania (Europe No.2, Dan Kolov No.3)
9. Yulia BLAHINYA Ukraine (Europe No.3, Yarygin No.3)
10. Isabelle SAMBOU Senegal (Africa No.1)

55 kg/121 lbs.
1. Saori YOSHIDA Japan (Olympic Games 3x No.1, World 10x No.1)
2. Helen MAROULIS United States (World Cup No.1, Int'l Ukrainian No.1)
3. Sofia MATTSSON Sweden (Europe No.1, Klippan No.1)
4. YANG Senlian China (Asia No.1)
5. Kanako MURATA Japan (Asia No.2)
6. Nadesda TRETYAKOVA Russia (Yarygin GP No.1, Klippan No.3)
7. Byambatseren SUNDEV Mongolia (Yarygin No.2, World Cup, No.2)
8. Tatyana OMELCHENKO Ukraine (Int'l Ukrainian No.2, Medved Prizes No. 3)
9. HAN Kum-Ok DPR Korea (Asia No.3)
10. Marie PREVOLARAKI Greece (Europe No. 2)

59 kg/130 lbs.
1. ZHANG Lan China (2012 World No.1)
2. Zhargalma TSYRENOVA Russia (Europe No. 2, Yarygin GP No.1)
3. Anastassia HUCHOK Belarus (Europe No. 1, Medved Prizes No.3/63kg)
4. Anna POLOVNEVA Russia (Yarygin GP No. 2, Int'l Ukrainian No.1)
5. Chihiro KUMABE Japan (Asia No.1)
6. Tungalag MUNKHTUYA Mongolia (Asia No. 2)
7. Aisuluu TYNYBEKOVA Kyrgyzstan (Asia No.3, Klippan No.3)
8. Michelle FAZZARI Canada (World Cup No.1)
9. Hela RIABI Tunisia (Africa No.1. Int'l Ukrainian No.5)
10. Yaqueline ESTORNELL ELSTIQUE Cuba (Pan America No.1)

63 kg/138.75 lbs.
1. Kaori ICHO Japan (Olympic Games 3x No.1, World 7x No.1)
2. Elena PIROZKHOVA United States (2012 World No.1, Dave Schultz Memorial No.1)
3. Anastasija GRIGORJEVA Latvia (Europe No.1, Yarygin GP No.1)
4. XILUO zhuoma China (Asia No.1)
5. Battsetseg SORONZOBOLD Mongolia (Yarygin GP No.3, World Cup No.1)
6. Justine BOUCHARD Canada (Pan America No.1, Dave Schultz No.2)
7. Monika MICHALIK Poland (Europe No.2, Int'l Ukrainian No.3)
8. Katherine VIDIAUX LOPEZ Cuba (Pan America No.2)
9. Jackeline RENTARIA CASTILLO Colombia (Pan America No.3, Klippan No.3)
10. Yurika ITO Japan (Asia No.2, World Cup No.2)

67 kg/147.5 lbs.
1. Nasanburmaa OCHIRBAT Mongolia (Asia No.1, Yarygin GP No.1)
2. Alina STADNIK-MAKHINYA Ukraine (Europe No.1, Int'l Ukrainian No.1)
3. Ilana KRATYSH Israel (Europe No. 2, Int'l Ukrainian No.1/63kg)
4. Yulia BARTNOVSKAYA Russia (Yarygin GP No.3, Dan Kolov No.1)
5. Svetlana BABUSHKINA Russia (Europe No. 3, Klippan No.1)
6. Dorothy YEATS Canada (2012 World No.2)
7. Yoshiko INOUE Japan (2012 World No.3, Yarygin GP No.2)
8. Veronica CARLSON United States (Int'l Ukrainian No.3, Dave Schultz No.2)
9. Aline FOCKE Germany (Europe No.3, Klippan No.3)
10. Stacie Anaka Canada (Pan America No.1, Dave Schultz No.3)

72 kg/158.5 lbs.
1. Natalia VOROBIEVA Russia (Europe No.1, Yarygin GP No. 1, Klippan No. 1) 72-1
2. Maider UNDA Spain (Europe No.2, Klippan No.3) 72-2
3. Vasillisa MARZALIUK Belarus (Europe No.3, Yarygin GP No.3, Int'l Ukrainian No.3) 72-3
4. Hiroe SUZUKI Japan (Asia No. 1, World Cup No.1)
5. Katerina BURMISTROVA Ukraine (Europe No.3, Int'l Ukrainian No.1)
6. Burmaa OCHIRBAT Mongolia (Yarygin GP No.2, Dan Kolov No.1)
7. ZHANG, Fengliu China (Dave Schultz No.1, World Cup No.2)8. Adeline GRAY United States (Dave Schultz No.2, 2012 World No.1/67kg)
9. Jenny FRANSSON Sweden (2012 World No.1)
10. Lisset HECHEVARRIA MEDINA Cuba (Pan America No.1)

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