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Scholarship Information


Scholarship Information
Perspective students admitted into the Greco Roman Wrestling program for the USOEC at NMU would receive the following as their awarded scholarship:

Room and Board
All athletes accepted into the resident team program will have their room and board paid for by the USOEC.
Food for two semesters $4514.00
Room for two semesters $3847.00
Annual value of Scholarship: $8,361.00

Tuition and Fees (fall and winter 1999-2000)
The following is the example for tuition and fees to be paid by accepted athletes:
Resident Undergraduate
12-18 credit hours - $1573.05/semester (including fees)

Normal tuition costs for out-of-state students is $2791.05/semester (including fees) for 12-18 credit hours.

NMU will allow all athletes to pay tuition at the reduced in-state rate of $1573.05 for 12-18 credit hours each semester. Annual value of Tuition Scholarship $2436.00

Accepted Athletes in Resident Program
12-18 credit hours - $1573.05/semester (including fees)
All non-resident tuition and fee expenses are waived for athletes accepted into the Greco Roman Wrestling program.
A savings of approximately $1218.00/semester.
Total Scholarship: $10,797.00

The United States Olympic Committee Tuition Grant Program
All resident team athletes at Northern Michigan University (USOEC) are able to apply for a tuition reimbursement from the USOC. These tuition grants are specifically earmarked for resident athletes at the USOEC.

    Athletes also enjoy the following privileges:
  • Training Facilities- strength and conditioning
  • Sports Medicine
  • USOC Athletic trainer support
  • Academic Coordinator support
  • USOC Sports Nutrition
  • Local Airport Transportation
  • Use of one refrigerator and one color television per room.

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