USA Wrestling Core Curriculum
Folkstyle Level 3 Curriculum
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1. Neutral Position
      a. Hands & wrists (fighting for control)
      b. Opponent posting
      c. Hand fighting drill
      d. Inside ties
      e. Underhook (head position)

2. Neutral Position – Offense

      a. Take Downs
            i. Single leg - feet
            ii. Single leg - sweep / running the corner
            iii. Trick knee whizzer
            iv. Single leg - back door
            v. Single leg - rotate direction

3. Counter Offense
      a. Front headlock
            i. Clearing elbow
            ii. Whipovers
            iii. Knee tap

4. Referee's Position
      a. Base building
      b. Holding base drill

5. Referee's Top Position
      a. Spiral ride to legs
      b. Claw ride to legs