USA Wrestling Core Curriculum
Folkstyle Level 1 Curriculum
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1. Neutral Position
      a. Stance
            i. Staggered & square
      b. Motion
      c. Penetration Step (inside & outside)
            i. Change your elevation before penetration
      d. Back Step

2. Neutral Position – Offense

      a. Take Downs
            i. Double leg
            ii. Single leg
            iii. Snap & spin
            iv. Back step offense
                1. Head & arm
                2. Arm spin
      b. Set-ups / control ties
            i. Wrist tie
            ii. Head snap
            iii. Pop & go

3. Counter Offense
      a. Lines of defense
      b. Sprawl & spin
      c. Stuff head
      d. Back step defense
            i. Head & arm defense
            ii. Arm spin defense

4. Referee’s Position
      a. Basic positioning / procedure
      b. Stand up
      c. Switch

5. Referee’s Top Position
      a. Basic positioning (riding)
      b. Pop & chop
      c. Ankle rides / Breakdowns
      d. Spiral ride / Breakdowns
      e. Returns to mat (Hip Dump)
      f. Half nelson
      g. Cradle